How People Ended Up Paying Money For Free Online Games

Want to know how Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds And Clash Of Clans get your money, even though they are free to download?

The trick is the use of what they called addictive gambling type psychology.

To get the players hooked on the games.

This is how game developers make money from these devoted or “addicted” players.

First you got to get them to download the free game.

The catch is to designed a game which can keep them playing, hopefully for about 10-20 minute bouts in a day or a longer session.

The key is to get them hooked.

Now, if they want to obtain extra lives, buy ‘gems’ to use as a virtual currency, or just to carry on playing without delay, they have to pay for it.

According to Emil Hodzic, a psychologist who runs a clinic treating video game addiction in Sydney, video games use “operant conditioning” to reward players for certain behaviors.