Pete Firman London Palladium Prediction Trick Revealed And Explained

If you still can’t figure out how Pete Firman London Palladium prediction trick is done, check out the secret now.

He performed this prediction magic trick at the 2017 TV variety show, “Tonight At The London Palladium”.

Pete Firman London Palladium Prediction Trick

Pete Firman London Palladium Prediction Trick Revealed

This is not actually a prediction or precognition trick per se, as defined in the art of mentalism or mental magic.

It is a mentalism performance with the use of theatrical trickery.

Pete Firman prediction trick that goes wrong act is a well thought-out fun and funny routine.

It is filled with a riotous display of can-can dancers, a mime artist, Eiffel Tower props, fluttering French flags, bursting confetti, and even a Napoleon Bonaparte impersonator.

David Copperfield Graffiti Brick wall Prediction

This prediction trick is similar to David Copperfield’s Graffiti Brick Wall Prediction act in the 1992 TV special “The Magic of David Copperfield XIV: Flying – Live The Dream”.

These two prediction stage magic tricks are readied by their backstage crew behind the scene.

As you can see from the picture below, this is how David Copperfield picks up the prepared prediction from the back of the set wall.

The key trick is at 5:23, when picks up the pen knife which is purposely placed it higher on the wall.

When he steps up on the specially designed footrest to get the pen knife, under the pretext that his right hand has to grab on the wall for support.

That is when David Copperfield picks up the ready prediction from his staff hidden behind the wall.

David Copperfield Brick Wall Prediction Secret

Both David Copperfield and Pete Firman do not use a stooge or confederate.

What Is A Stooge In Magic Trick?

In magic, a stooge or confederate refers to a person who is planted in the audience, who conspires with the magician to perform an a trick or an illusion.

Here is an article about the use of stooges in professional magic in the Jerx.

Watch Pete Firman Prediction Trick At “One Night At The London Palladium”.

These are the two key secrets of Pete Firman London Palladium prediction trick are:

  • the stool which the female guest participant sits on is gimmicked
  • the prediction is arranged by his crew behind the scene

Besides these, it needs a little help from the specially-designed props on the stage to make this prediction magic trick possible.

And not forgetting the boisterous ‘French show’ interlude, together with the apparently screwed-up prediction act .

Both of these are what they call smoke and mirrors, which is also part of the secrets.

I presume if the selected prediction turns out to be Paris, then Pete Firman will naturally go along with his pre-planned ‘French’ show and has good laugh to himself, together with his team.

Most probably Pete Firman’s plan B would be, to conduct another new prediction.

Now let me reveal secret behind this simple, but showy prediction magic trick by the English magician Pete Firman.

Pete Firman Prediction Trick Gimmick Stool

When the correct selected prediction is revealed in a scroll placed inside the storage box of the stool, I suspected the stool is gimmicked.

There should be a concealed opening underneath the stool storage box, through which the scroll can be placed inside.

Prediction Magic Trick Method

Most probably there is a trapdoor on the stage, under the stool, so the person could raise up his hand to place the scroll.

Next, there should be a mirror under the stool facing the audience to hide this secret move.

Mirror Under The Stool

The piece of mirror is placed diagonally across the four legs of the stool.

Placing a mirror under the stool is a common method used in many stage magic illusions, that include Doug Henning Walking Through A Brick Wall Illusion.

Doug Henning Walks Through Brick Wall Secret

At 1:56 when the female guest participant Chin’s left foot goes too near the stool, her dark-colored pants reflects on the diagonally placed mirror.

Pete Firman Prediction Trick Revealed

You can see the a black blob of shadow next to her right leg then it moves next to left foot underneath the stool.

This is how the piece of mirror is mounted diagonally under the stool.

Pete Firman One Night At London Palladium Prediction Trick

Watch the video clip closely, you would notice throughout the show, Pete Firman is cautious when he is too near or behind the stool.

Pete Firman Avoid Mirror Reflection

At 2:49 Pete Firman goes behind the stool to dispose off the envelope and the placard, he strides his right leg across the back of the stool, while keeping his left leg outside.

Because of the unsteady pose, he has to place his left hand on Chin’s left shoulder.

Pete Firman Tonight At The London Palladium

As seen from the video, the mirror is blocking his right leg under the stool.

But the distant live audience would not notice it because his right leg is obstructed by Chin’s legs.

Furthermore, the audience is distracted by the noisy commotion going on.

This is a close-up view of the edge of the mirror under the stool, when the guest participant Chin lifts up the lid of the stool at 5:29.

Prediction Magic Trick By Pete Firman

The view underneath the stool is a mirror reflection.

To make it appears like it is see-through, there is a nearby beam-like structure with blinking lights strategically placed facing the mirror.

As a result, the mirror reflection under her stool, looks like it is from the beam behind her.

Stage Illusion With Mirrors

This beam-like prop is set near to the stool, so that it can be reflected in the mirror.

Optical Principle Magic Tricks

As I have mentioned above, this is a well-planned prediction-cum-comedy act.

Pete Firman Prediction Trick Secret

After the intended prediction gaffe, magician-comedian Pete Firman takes his time to ham it up.

It is to provide ample time for his crew to place the scroll with the name “HULL” inside the stool storage.

In theatrical magic, it is called misdirection.

Misdirection is a subtle, deceptive way of drawing audience attention to one thing to distract it from another.

The audience in the London Palladium auditorium was busy laughing at Pete Firman’s supposed blunder.

So this is how Pete Firman London Palladium prediction trick is done.


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