Ignore This Phone Number 0342334000, It’s A Scam Call

Last updated on August 15th, 2017

Malaysians, beware of phone calls scam in Malaysia. Each time when you receive any phone call, make sure the numbers look familiar to you, before you answer it.

Or else, just don’t answer and cut off the line.

I have written about an anonymous telephone call from these two numbers: 03-91775000 and 03-26015400.

Recently I have been receiving another pesky anonymous or unnamed phone calls.

The first number is: 03-42334000.

When you answer the call, there is no one on the other side of the line.

When you make a return call, you are told that the line is not in service.

Phone Calls Scam In Malaysia

Phone Calls Scam In MalaysiaFrom what I read online, someone said it is from Telekom Malaysia to inform the availability of Unify service in his area.

I don’t think it is from Telekom Malaysia.

It is definitely not some kind of prank calls, but phone call scam.

The best thing to ignore call from this number, 03-42334000.

Personally, every time when I receive any incoming call from numbers which I am not too sure about, I automatically cut off the line.

If it is really urgent from some reliable sources, they would immediately call you back or SMS you.

I am sure you have read about telephone scammers impersonating Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) officials, duping innocent victims into giving personal details and sending money to unknown accounts.

What these con men do is to send an SMS to his intended victim, claiming they are from the bank, asking to confirm whether he had used his card.

They would lie told that his card had been used fraudulently.

The victim is then told to transfer his money to a third-party account on the pretext of safeguarding the money.

But actually, his money has been stolen.

Update: Here is another scam phone number which you should ignore too: 0388307000