Photo Blog Idea Inspired By Mike Brodie aka Polaroid Kidd

Thinking of starting an unique photo blog? I am not asking you to copy or plagiarize this amazing guy’s idea. But his adventure provides a good fodder for inspiring new and exciting ideas.

His name is Mike Brodie aka Polaroid Kidd. When he was 17 years old, he hopped his first train near his home in Pensacola, Florida, to visit  a friend in Mobile, Alabama.

From that day onwards, he was fascinated with the fun and freedom and free way wandering across the United States of America. Other than the free train rides, he walks and hitchhikes across the country.

polaroid kidd mike brodie

Then Brodie found an old instant camera and he used it to document his experiences. He shares his snapshots on various websites, and that was how he got the moniker Polaroid Kidd.

From there he got himself a 1980s camera and 35 millimeter film. He continued riding the rails traveling all over America, snapping more photos.

Now you can see his collection of raw, gritty,¬† and inspiring pictures in the book “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity“.