Picture Of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Love Child

According to an international news and gossip, it is almost one decade ago, then only Arnold Schwarzenegger found out he fathered a child with their family buxom Mexican housekeeper.

People all over has been jokingly asking whether Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child with his family housekeeper-cum-mistress Mildred Patricia Baena a.k.a “Patty” Baena, speaks with an Austrian accent.

arnold schwarzenegger -son scandalPicture Of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Love Child

The love-child whom Arnie has with buxom Mildred Baena, sure strikes an uncanny resemblance to his famous father, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This young Mexican boy who lives with his mother in a four bedroom house in a Los Angeles suburb, even has a gap between his front teeth.

Strangely, Arnold’s wife Maria Shriver only discovered this illegitimate child of hisĀ  husband only in January 2011.

In no time, I’m sure just like many other famous husbands who screwed up their marriages, Arnold will return even more popular than before.

Now he has to walk away, and just say: “I’ll be back!”.