Easy Way To Play The Guitar Without Strumming or Plucking The Strings

Here is a secret on how to play the guitar the easy way, without strumming or plucking.

No talent and patience is needed. No more sore finger tips. Good news for those who want to play the guitar, but born with stubborn stubby fingers.

In fact, the method which what I am going to show you how to play the guitar, you don’t have to struggle painfully over long hours, gripping your sore finger tips on the strings; leaning those guitar chords.

This alternative way is solely for those of you who are too lazy to master the different ways of strumming or plucking.

It was back in the Seventies, when my buddies and I were jamming together with our cheap Kapor guitars, dreaming of becoming a rock guitarist.

Back then we, (in fact all guitar-playing teenagers at that era) love or try to play Carlos Santana’s catchy “Oye Como Va”, “Black Magic Woman” and “Guajira”.

As these Santana‘s hit songs are rhythmic, we started using our fingers to tap on the wooden body of the guitar to accompany our strumming.

Then at the same time, we accidentally discovered that by hitting lightly on the strings, instead of strumming them, it produced an interesting sound.

That was how we started playing the guitar by hitting on the strings and also used our fingers to tap on different parts of the guitar body, doubling as a percussion.

Frankly, for those who play the guitars, this method is nothing new. If you can afford to get a built-in pick-up guitar, it sounds even better.

Play Guitar Without Strumming

Anyway, to have better understanding about this method of playing a guitar, here is a video clip showing you street busker doing it.