Pos Malaysia Scam Call: Voice Message About Unclaimed Mail From High Court

Two days ago, my partner received a voice message over her cellphone. When she pressed on the extension as requested from the message, a man answered the call.

He confidently claimed that he is from Pos Laju office in Dayabumi. He told my partner that there was an unclaimed mail allegedly from the court to be collected. He asked for my partner’s Identity Card (IC) number.

Sensing something was amiss, my partner cut short the call.

The telephone number which called up my partner cellphone is listed as:+410100

pos malaysia scam call

Yes, that was a scam call. In fact on March 2012, Pos Malaysia site has issued a warning about this particular kind of scam.

According to Pos Malaysia, it has received several inquiries from our customers informing them that certain irresponsible individuals have been calling and leaving voice messages, purportedly from Pos Malaysia, requesting for their personal details in order to facilitate the delivery of their document including the document that was allegedly sent from the High Court.

Always remember, Pos Malaysia or any of its subsidiaries do not solicit and/or request such information from customers through the telephone or other means of communication.

In other words, Pos Malaysia DO NOT contact you via phone regarding any unclaimed mail. And they do not ask for your personal particulars like IC number, phone number, etc.

Normally, the postman will drop a card in mail box, informing you about your unclaimed mail.

We would also like to highlight that Pos Malaysia or any of its subsidiaries have not authorized any third party to request such information on behalf of Pos Malaysia.

In the warning announcement by Pos Malaysia has warned Malaysians not to respond to the call and/or voice messages and be alert towards any suspicious calls requesting for such details.

And if you received such call, contact its Customer Care at 1-300-300-300 for verification.

Those unfortunate victims to this scam, they are advised to lodge a police report immediately.

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