Pure Silk Is Not Only Expensive, But Purely Forbidden For Some People

Not only the kind of food they eat or the places they go, but also the fabric type of clothes they wear. I’m talking about Muslim men.

According to the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM), Muslims men cannot wear pure silk attire. But they can wear silk mixed with other materials such as linen and cotton. Simply because there was no hadith which forbade this.

pure silk forbidden or haram to muslim men

PPIM activist Sheikh Abd Kareem S Khadaied said that Hadiths state that it is haram (forbidden) for Muslim men to wear pure silk. And it is also one of the tanda kiamat (signs of the apocalypse).

So next time,  probably we will find a “Haram” sign together with the 100% Pure Silk signage at the men clothing section. Quality to some people, but it’s forbidden to others.