Removal Of Quota For International Schools In Malaysia

Latest news Malaysian education : Recently many Malaysian parents were rejoicing over the removal of the 40% quota on Malaysian students getting an education at international schools.They do not have to dump their kids at the national or rather Malay schools no more.

With the lifting of the the quota will also mean that Malaysian children will get access to an English-medium education. As someone says, “In future the younger Malaysians can speak better England, ma”. Hopefully to have more English-speaking Malaysians in times to come. No more funny Malaysian English, right or not?

I agree with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who said by allowing more local students to study in international schools will not affect enrolment in national and national-type schools. After all, the Malays made up the bulk of the population. Plus quite a handful of Malaysian Chinese who still strongly insist that their children must know how to read or write Mandarin.

Then there are some who believe that with the abolish the 40% quota for enrollment of local students in international schools will only benefit the rich and also widen the gap between the rural and urban students.

Malay educationist group Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI secretary Hasni Abas said it would erode national and racial identity.He added that by opening up international schools, would bring us back to colonial (British) times. In addition, Malaysian students will not identify with their racial roots, due to the western education.

Obviously, the demand for admissions will increase and so is the school fees. But I’m sure those interested parents will find their ways and means to support their children’s education in the international schools.

From what I read, the fees in international schools, which are run independently, can cost up to RM73,510 per year per child, with most charging between RM5,000 and RM12,000 per term.

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