The Star Malaysia Racy Language, Bad Words And Expletives

The Star itself is in the news again. No, it’s not about Dawn Jeremiah plagiarism story, but the used of expletives in one of its article.

Whatever you called it: vulgar language, indecent words, bad words, obscenities, profanities, X%@#!, etc.

Ironically, the title of the article in the sport page (10 November, 2012, page 58), “F1 Drivers Told To Avoid  Racy Language“, but The Star publication itself printed out both the F-word and the S-word!

the star malaysia racy language
image: uppercaise

Now, if you go to The Star online page, the F-word has been bleeped, but the S-word is still sticking (no pun intended) there.

Note: Sorry, the article has been removed.

Anyway, here is the full article from Reuter.

I hope its cartoonists Reggie Lee and C. W. Kee can come out with a really funny Malaysian cartoon making fun at this boo-boo.

the star malaysia racy languageYou can read more over at uppercaise.

Anyway, here is a funny Count Censored video which you might love to watch.  Don’t worry, the expletives have been loudly  bleeped, bleeped, bleeped..

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