Radio Klasik Nasional Plays Popular Old Malay Songs All Day Long

Last Updated November 30th, 2017

Good news for Malaysian baby boomers. Radio Klasik Nasional plays popular old Malay songs to bring back memories of your good old days.

Though I’m not  a awek Melayu (Malay lass), but I have been listening to Radio Klasik or Radio Klasik Nasional since it launched way back in 2006.

I remember its tagline used to be ‘Menggamit Memori‘. Of course, it has been changed to ‘Menggamit Kenangan‘.

Probably the station received heavy flak from the Malay community. It changed the word ‘memori‘ to the proper Malay word ‘kenangan‘.

By the way, these days there are many so-called ‘anglicized’ Bahasa Malaysia or Malay words, that include: famili, elaun, motivasi, lanskap, kompromi, koprat, sek, etc.

Anyway, I am a great fan of the Malay music of both contemporary songs and classic Malay tunes of different rhythm; from lagu Asli and keroncong to joget or zapin.

Radio Klasik Nasional Plays Popular Old Malay Songs

I enjoy all those melodious Malay songs and music from the 60’s right up to the 90’s.

Till today, I still have a couple of old Malay albums among my collection of old records or vinyls.

Radio Klasik Nasional Plays Popular old Malay SongsThese days I listen to Radio Klasik a lot, especially these three programs: ‘Masihkah Kau Ingat‘ aka MKI,  ‘Segmen Nostalgia‘ and ‘Malar Segar‘.

My all-time favorite are songs from the Pop-yeh-yeh days of simple formulaic pop structures, catchy melodies, and the typical crystal-clear twanging guitar sound ala The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Ventures or The Shadows.

Back in the swinging Sixties, there were many popular bands or kugiran from both Malaysia (or known as Malaya back then) and Singapore.

Other than Radio Klasik, each night I get my daily dose of lilting keroncong tunes from Best 104 Sensasi Selatan (now known as Best FM) on my radio.

dengar radio klasik nasional online

Here is the link where you can listen to Radio Klasik Nasional online.

Frekuensi Radio Klasik Nasional

Anyway, for those who want to listen to Radio Klasik Nasional on your radio set, here is a list of  FM frequencies:

Kuala Lumpur/Selangor – 90.3 fm

Jerantut, Pahang – 89.9 fm

Perlis/Pahang – 98.7 fm

Tangkak, Johor – 97.4 fm

South Selangor – 88.7 fm

Kuantan, Pahang – 105.3 fm

Bukit Bakar, Kelantan – 98.5 fm

Jeli, Kelantan – 90.8 fm

Kota Bharu, Kelantan – 104.7 fm

Gurun, Kedah – 98.7 fm

Baling, Kedah – 91.7 fm

Bukit Tinggi, Johor – 92.9 fm

Melaka – 97.4 fm

Johor Baharu/Singapore – 102.9 fm

Taiping, Perak – 105.3 fm

Ipoh, Perak – 90.1 fm

Besut, Terengganu – 97.0 fm

Dungun, Terengganu – 98.8 fm

Kuala Terengganu – 89.7 fm

Negeri Sembilan – 88.7 fm

Cameron Highlands, Pahang – 101.1 fm

West Pahang – 100.1 fm

Here is the link to Radio Klasik Nasional Facebook page.

Happy listening.

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