Rapper Mom Who Gets More Than Two Million Hits On YouTube

If you are a mum, then you should watch this Fiat 500L motherhood rap commercial.

There is this hot British mum who raps silly about motherhood, fake orgasms, dogs and babies and gets more than two million hits on YouTube.

fiat 500l motherhood rap commercialFiat 500L Motherhood Rap Commercial

Actually it is a TV commercial for Fiat’s new 500L.

This rap video ad seems to be a hot favorite with mothers all over the world.

It has become an Internet sensation with more than two million hits.

This mother played by Shakespeare actress Rachael Donovan.

She raps about faking orgasms, eating leftover fish fingers and joining a book club as an excuse to drink more wine.

The funny car advert, titled “In The Motherhood”. [source]

Watch the viral video below: