Read Joshua Trevino’s Article Removed From The Huffington Post | What Anwar’s Trial Really Means

According to, The Huffington Post has removed Josh Trevino’s articles after he admitted in an official US filing that he received RM1.2mil for writing articles and leading a campaign against Anwar Ibrahim. This writer was dropped by The Guardian over Malaysian ties.

joshua trevino admits paid to write anti-anwar ibrahim propaganda

Now if you click on the link to the article on The Huffington post, it will lead you to a blank page with just this:

Editor’s Note

This post was removed from The Huffington Post after it was revealed that the author violated HuffPost’s blogger guidelines by not disclosing a financial conflict of interest.

The articleWhat Anwar’s Trial Really Mean” by Joshua Trevino which published in The Huffington Post on August 5, 2010.

deleted article by joshua trevino in huffington post

But anyway, you can still read this deleted article by American conservative political commentator Josh Trevino from the Internet. It is over at:

Here is an article published in the US version of in The Wall Street Journal about Kuala Lumpur paid American conservative journalists to smear an opposition leader on March 9th 2013.

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