Red FM Radio Presenter Lil’ Kev Imprisoned In Bali Jail Back In 2000

Currently Lil’ Kev and Sarimah Ibrahim are hosting the Red Breakfast Show at Red FM.

Lil’ Kev or Kevin Arokiasamy, the former popular deejay of back in year 2000. Yes, this is the same guy who was arrested by Balinese police back in December 2008 in Bali over alleged possession of psychotropic pills in front of Harmony Hotel in Bali, together with an Indonesian lady identified as Juwita Rendiana from Denpasar.

It was said that an unidentified man gave Red FM radio presenter Arokiasamy mobile phone box containing the drugs while the couple were on their way to the hotel.

lil kev imprisoned in bali jail drug offense

According to a report in News Straits Times, Kevin Arokiasamy was charged under their anti-narcotics law, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment and RM139,400 fine upon conviction.  Wisma Putra confirmed that Arokiasamy had been arrested by Indonesian police.

But recently,  41 year-old Lil’ Kev told mStar Online, he was not sentenced to eight years in prison in Bali, Indonesia on drug possession offense. This Red FM radio presenter admitted he was imprisoned for only two months during the period of investigation. According to him, his home (in Bali) was raided by the authorities and there were drugs in his house. But he did not drugs.

hotel k bali prison

Anyway, talking about prison in Bali, have you heard about Hotel Kerobokan or better known as Hotel K ? It is Bali’s most notorious jail. Hotel k is a filthy squalor with disease-ridden cells; home to petty thieves, killers, rapists, and hard-core gangsters. There you can find a Balinese King, famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s brother, Muslim terror bombers, beautiful women tourists and surfers from across the world.

Hotel K is a prison where anything can be bought. Just bribe the guards a bit of cash, and you can have beer or even drugs delivered to your cell. Some prisoners even have a plasma screen, satellite TV and a Bose sound system. And if can afford to bribe more to these guards, they can even help prisoners to organize sex night orgies, and beach days out.

If you want to know more about this infamous prison of corruption, sex, drugs and violence, get the book Hotel K: The Shocking Inside Story of Bali’s Most Notorious Jail written by Australian journalist Kathryn Bonella.