Redirect Landing Pages With Proxies

The problem with Malaysians who want to make money online, especially with CPA (Cost Per Action) is that most, of not all offers are meant for United States folks. In other words, you in Malaysia, you cannot access or see the landing pages of the offers which you are promoting. You need to redirect landing pages with proxies

Redirect CPA Offer
When you click on the link or banner,it goes to a blank page which says: “The offer is not available in your country. Redirecting….”  Next, you will see this: “Taniah! Adakah anda PEMENANG hari ini. Sila pilih hadiah dan masukkan email anda pada halaman seterusnya“.

redirect cpa offer malaysia

You cannot view the actual landing page of the offer which you are trying to promote. It is important to view the landing pages as a CPA publisher. You want to know whether the visuals are attractive and you also like to find out whether the offers are complicated or can be easily filled by your readers. All these contributing factors to the success of your CPA offers.

Proxies Redirects
This is how you overcome the problem of not able to access the right landing page.

You use a proxy server to view blocked or redirected site. Here are two proxy sites where they can help you redirect to the actual landing page.



For, paste the CPA link in the “Enter a URL to visit:” box. Select any of the US proxy and press “Go”.

free anonymous web surfing

As for, paste or enter the link to “Enter URL box. Press “Go”. Wait for a while, and the landing page will appear.

dongana free online anonymous browser