Relationship 101: Don’t Married Someone With The Same Name Found On Facebook

A Texas chap and a a Florida lass both sharing the same name, Kelly Hildebrandt. They made international headlines when they got married and now they in the

It was back in 2008, out of boredom, the female Hildebrandt, Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, typed her name into Facebook just to check out if there is someone out there sharing the same name as her.

same name couple hildebrandt divorce

Lo and behold, Kelly Carl Hildebrandt was the only name that popped up, so she decided to send him a message. After over some emails and daily phone calls, the guy visited her and soon enough they got married. And three years later, this popular same-name couple who met on Facebook is now facing a divorce. Reason: irreconcilable differences.

The morale of the story is never marry someone with the same name as you found on Facebook. [source:nydailynews]