Renew Motor Road Tax Without Registration Card With AmBank AutoXpress At Home

Malaysians, do you know that you don’t have to waste your time lining up at the Post Office or Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) to renew your motor insurance and road tax?

Furthermore, for those of you whose JPJ Registration Card (the pink “Perakuan Pendaftaran Kenderaan), which has already fully stamped or printed at the back of it,  you cannot renew your road tax at the Post Office.  The post office staff will ask you to get a new card from JPJ.

No, you don’t need to rush over to JPJ to get a new Registration Card to renew your road tax.

Here is the solution. You can do it easily WITHOUT your  Registration Card with Ambank AutoXpress at the comfort of your home.

Yes, you don’t have to present your original Registration Card and hassle free No Claim Discount (NCD) transfer for Motor Insurance renewal.  You renew your road tax online from home.

renew road tax autoxpress ambank

Your road tax will be delivered to your home within 24 hours via PosLaju.

This is what you need to do:

1. Call up: 03-2178 8400.

2. Provide your details and the staff will advise you on your payment amount.

3. Next login to

4. Click “Pay Bills & Dues” which is on the left side of the page.

5. Next click “Oneoff” also on the left side.

6. Then under “Payee Category” (on the right hand side), select “Insurance/Takaful–“.

7. For under “Pay To”, select “AutoXpress”.

8. Now fill in your particulars: Vehicle Reg Number, I.C. Number and also the amount in the boxes provided.

9. Click the red “Confirm” button.

That’s all you need to do.

The payment conformation is on the next day basis. Once your payment is through, the Ambank AutoXpress staff will call to confirm your payment.

Your renewal Road Tax will be sent to your home within 24 hours.

Call AutoXpress office from 8.45am till 5.45pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.45am till 4.45pm on Friday.

Mode of payment:

– Credit Card
– InterBank Loan Repayment (IBLR)
– Cash Deposit Machines
– InterBank GIRO via Internet Banking or Mobile – Banking

This convenient payment facility is only available in Peninsular Malaysia.

Take note: A renewal service of RM5 applies.

For those of you who have AmBank Credit Card, then you are entitled 0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP) when the payment is charged to your AmBank Credit Card.

You can get your online form from:

Here is a short video guide on how to make payment for AutoXpress via AmOnline.

NOTE: According to one Post office staff, the downside of using this service is, if you have any problem relating to insurance claim, then you need to contact AutoXpress to get the road tax print. It is because now your Registration Card doesn’t have the latest print remark on it.

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