Renew Personal Accident Insurance Policy By Yourself And Save Money In Malaysia

What do insurance agent, used car salesman, taxi-driver and lawyer have in common? The notorious reputation for being untrustworthy.

Of course not all folks in the above mentioned professions are dishonest. It is just that most of them are known for not telling you the whole truth.

The problem is we as customers we do not how to ask all the necessary questions. This is where we can be ‘taken for a ride’ unknowingly. Later on our insurance agent or lawyer can always defend themselves by saying that we did ask them about it.

renew personal accident policy malaysia

For instance, recently I have to renew my Personal Accident (PA) insurance policy with AIG Malaysia.

I bought the PA from an insurance agent who used to service me for many years before when I bought my life insurance from him.

For the past couple of years when my PA expiry date approaching, my agent would call me up and collect cash from me from my home. This time around, he did not bother to call me, so I called him up.

I informed him about the expiry date of my PA, but strangely this time, he did not mention about coming over to my place to settle with me. He just casually asked me to pay by check. I told him I do not have any check book, and at the same time I asked him whether I can pay by cash by myself.

My insurance agent did not insist or even mention about doing it for me. From there I knew he was not interested in renewing my PA for me.

My insurance agent did not even mention that if I want to renew my yearly personal accident policy by myself, I can do it without having to go through him anymore.

Furthermore that day I found out that when I renew it by myself, I do not have to pay the full amount of RM236 as stated in the renewal letter.

When I renewed my PA by myself at the AIG Insurance office in Menara Worldwide, Jalan Bukit Bintang, I just have to pay only RM 179.50. It saved me RM 56.50.

To me it is not about the small amount (RM 56.50). It is just that my insurance agent should have reminded me that if I want to do it by myself, I can personally go to the office and tell the company staff to cancel his service. In addition, I will pay less for it.

insurance agent never tell you

It was the AIG staff who attended to me that morning, who told me about it. I told her that my agent seemed not interested in servicing me, then she told me that I can cancel my agent service.

She would give me a new user ID to my policy. Furthermore, she told me that if I do it by myself, I can get a rebate.

If I would to confront my agent, he would say I did not ask him. As I have said above, we should know how to ask all the necessary questions when we deal with insurance agent, used car salesman, lawyer or even taxi-driver.

They won’t tell you everything. They would just tell you what they want you to know. In other words, they would never tell you the whole truth!