Restaurant Sri Grand City Section 11 PJ | Expensive And Poor Service

This evening my partner and I had our dinner at Restoran Sri Grand City at Section 11, Petaling Jaya.

To be precise, it is located at the same row of shop houses as the famous Restoran Sri Paandi.  Just the opposite end.

restoran sri grand city section 11

I ordered a plate of rice which consisted: plain white rice, a piece of fried fish, two types of vegetables and a sprinkle of curry.

It costs me a whopping RM9.00!

restoran sri grand city indian food

My partner ordered a plate of plain mee goreng (fried noodles). It costs him RM5.50.

We both shared a mug of teh tarik with susu lembu (cow milk) without sugar. Price: RM 3.50

sri grand city restaurant mee goreng

The bill came up to RM18.00.

sri grand city restaurant pj

Personally I find the food price of Sri Grand City Restaurant PJ is rather exorbitant.

The service is as usual: chaotic and shoddy. You can find similar comments about its poor service over the Internet.

Even though this Indian eatery is air-conditioned, yet you can find pesky flies zipping all around.

Surprisingly, this messy place is crowded during the tea-time.

P.S. If memory serves me right, this Indian eating place used to  be a Chinese restaurant.  That’s is why it has an odd name Grand City for an Indian restaurant.   Look up at the ceiling, you can still see those typical lightnings used in Chinese restaurants.