Restoran Beriani Asif: Authentic Pakistani Food Jalan Padang Walter Grenier

There is a eatery called Restoran Beriani Asif which serves authentic Pakistani chicken biryani and other delectable Pakistani cuisine. It is situiated at No 9, Jalan Padang Walter Grenier, Off Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur.

If you are coming from the popular Weng Hing corner kopitiam (known for its pork ball noodles, char kway tiaw and egg tarts) at the crossroad of Jalan Imbi, Jalan Gading and Jalan Barat, just walk across the junction and walk along Jalan Gading. This road which ultimate leads to the busy traffic light-cum pedestrian crossing, right in front of Pavilion shopping mall.

There is a Korean Chapel on your right at the crossroad and followed by a huge night club called Bintang Palace. You can see the secondĀ  junction opposite Bintang Palace. To be exact there is a coffee shop called Blue White Teochew Restaurant (used to be a restaurant now it is a kopitiam) at the junction. Walk along that narrow road and you will find Restoran Beriani Asri. It is among the row of 4-storey flat and it is facing a food court.

You should try its roti naan. It offers various choices of naan bread. (By the way, for those who really love roti naan cheese, then get it from Steven’s Corner Pandan Indah. It uses solid block cheese and not those slices of processed cheese which you use for your sandwiches)

"plain naan bread"
Plain Roti Naan Restoran Beriani Asif

Please be reminded, its nasi beriani portion is rather huge. So, if there is two of you, just order one plate of nasi beriani will do.

"garlic & cheese naan restoran beriani asif"
Garlic & Cheese Naan

For those of you who love lamb, there are Lamb Shank, Lamb Shank Masala, Lamb Kharai and Lamb Tikka to choose from.

chicken tikka restoran beriani asif
Chicken Tikka Restoran Beriani Asif

On Deepavali morning, my partner and I went over to have our late breakfast of plain naan bread, garlic & cheese naan, chicken tikka, a plate of salad and a glass of Masala tea. It cost us RM24.

We have tried its lunch before. Taste-wise, Restoran Beriani Asif food and drinks are acceptable.

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