Restoran Noor At Selangor Mansion Masjid India KL

Have you try this popular Malay food stall Restoran Noor in KL? To be exact, this Makanan Islam eatery is located at Selangor Mansion Masjid India. It is near to the newly-built bridge at Klang River or Sungai Kelang along Jalan Ampang.

But if you come from the famous Masjid India Bazaar, you can see a block of high rise building on your right. That is  Selangor mansion. The opposite block of building is Malayan Mansion.

Just walk through the narrow main entrance between the shops (photo below), past the lift and you will come to this Malay food stall Restoran Noor which is on your right. It is not a proper restaurant per se. Just a simple stall set up along the walkway of the other entrance of  Selangor Mansion; the one facing Jalan Ampang.

Directly opposite is another popular shop called Selangor Mansion Tea Stall. Famous for its roti canai and teh tarik. This is the stall which serves you drinks when you eat at Restoran Noor.

"selangor mansion masjid india"
Selangor Mansion Jalan Masjid India

During lunch time, this eating place is very busy and noisy. The food is served by a friendly Malay Pakcik wearing a white kopiah. He is aided by a couple of helpful Indonesian ladies.

"restoran noor selangor mansion"
Restoran Noor Masjid India Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Noor offers both white rice and nasi Beriyani. There is a good selection of tasty dishes to choose from. just look at the big menu below:

"restoran noor masjid india"
Restoran Noor Masjid India Menu

Price wise, it is very reasonable. Last Saturday afternoon, my wife and I went over there for our lunch. We had chicken & fish curry, two small plates of vegetables (french beans cauliflower, deep-fried bitter gourd) white rice and two glasses of teh tarik. It cost us RM 17.20

"malay food stall masjid india kl"
Malay Food Stall Masjid India KL

Next time if you happen to be at Masjid India area, you should try out Restoran Noor at Selangor Mansion.

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