Restoran Santa House Of Chapati Jalan H S Lee Kuala Lumpur

If you’re looking for really good chapati , then you should try Restoran Santa House of Chapati at 11 Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur. Or I should say the best chapati in town.

This no-frills eating place is actually located at the beginning of Jalan H.S. Lee or formerly known as Jalan Bandar and High Street, where it is lined with rows of prewar shop houses.

house of chapati restoran santa

I was there last week to try out its chapati made whole-wheat flour. It is really fragrant, soft and fluffy, not like some of those chapati which is thin, tough and tasteless. Yes, it is really soft.

I ordered two pieces, accompanied with some chickpea masala and a small plateful of thick dhal. The chickpea masala is not too salty and the dhal rocks!   It is not diluted and watery dhal you get at some Mamak stalls.

If you don’t fancy  chickpea masala, you can go for its hot chicken varuval, vegetables or some other dishes.

I was there during the lunch time, and it was packed with hungry customers, as the shop is rather narrow. I noticed most,  if not all of the customers on that hot afternoon were having chapati rather than rice.

house of chapati jalan bandar kl

For my two pieces of chapati, chickpea masala and a glass of teh-tarik, it cost me RM 4.60. So, if you happen to be in KL city centre or at Petaling Street area, you should drop by Restoran Santa House Of Chapati.

Besides its popular chapati, it also serves rice, thosai, roti canai, paratha, samosa, pakora (fritters)and others.

Besides chapati, you should also try its equally popular samosa (80 sen each).  As for drinks, you can try its lassi, thairu (yogurt) or teh susu lembu(tea with fresh cow milk).

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