Newly Opened Restoran Tajudin Nasi Briyani Jalan Hang Kasturi Kuala Lumpur

If you are a fan of nasi briyani, then you should know Restoran Tajudin Nasi Briyani of Kuala Lumpur.

If you talk about eating nasi briyani in Kuala Lumpur, I still love the one hidden in narrow lane (Lorong Bandar 13), next to OUB (Overseas Union Bank) Building Leboh Pasar Besar Kuala Lumpur.

Back in the early 80s, there were two stalls selling nasi beriani in squeezing in this stuffy lane.

The more popular one was the second stall from the entrance, and was owned by a guy called Hassan.

Later he also opened another typical Mamak restaurant at Jalan Hang Lekiu then.

Restoran Tajudin Nasi Briyani

The present popular nasi briyani stall which is the very first stall at the entrance is owned by a former staff of Hassan, by the name of Tajudin.

restoran tajudin nasi briyani lorong bandar 13
Man in checked shirt is Mr Tajudin

If you walk by the lane each morning, except Sundays which is closed, as early as ten-thirty in the morning, you can smell the aromatic fried chicken wafting from the lane.

Nasi Beriani Tajudin is known for its deep fried chicken.

It also offers other equally delicious dishes like curry chicken, fish, sotong (cuttle fish), lamb, eggs and burung puyuh (quail). And not forgetting its yummy sambal (hot relish made with vegetables or fruit and spices).

At this open-air eating place, you get a plate of chicken nasi beriani for only RM5.00.

nasi beriani tajudin lorong badar 13 kl

Tajudin’s stall is extremely popular with its take-away. Every morning, at around eleven o’ clock, the staff will start busy packing customers’ orders.

If you have your meal there, you can see rows of plastic bags stuffed with nasi briyani, stacked high up on the aluminum table right where you have your food.

I know many of you who have eaten in this lorong (lane) before, know that the place is rather unhygienic and uncomfortably warm and stuffy.

Anyway, here is a piece of good news, Encik Tajudin has opened a spanking new eating place just around the corner of his lorong stall. Now, you can go to either one to tuck in your favorite nasi briyani.

restoran tajudin nasi beriani jalan hang kasturi kl

The newly opened restaurant is located at No: 8, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur.

It is three doors away from Overseas Union Bank Building. In other words, it is facing the Central Square Annexe (next to Central Market).

restoran tajudin nasi beriani kuala lumpur

Well, I came to know about this new eatery a few weeks ago when I met the boss himself, Mr. Tajudin when I was strolling around that area.

Now you can enjoy your meal in a clean and comfy place. Here a plate of chicken nasi briyani costs RM6.00 RM8.00. Just at an extra of one dollar.

nasi briyani kuala lumpur

In fact this brand new restaurant caters more variety of dishes. So, check it out the next time if you’re in the Kuala Lumpur city.

By the way, if you are in that area, you should walk over to Restoran Santa Chapati House.

It is not very far away from this shop.

The chapati is soft and fluffy. It costs only RM1.50 per piece. Check it out.

UPDATE (Dec 2014): The stall at the lane is no more in operation.  And the price for a normal chicken nasi briyani now costs RM8.