Rizalman Ibrahim’s Designs Selling In Tesco Hypermarket Malaysia

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First we have an award-winning chef Redzuan Ismail aka Chef Wan (also Food Ambassador of Malaysia) who promotes fried chicken for an American fast food chain, KFC.

Now we have an award-winning couturier Rizalman Ibrahim who designed an affordable collection of baju kurung and kebaya for a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, Tesco Malaysia for this Hari Raya season. Yes, a hypermarket.

He is not any Malaysian fashion designer, he is one of the established name in the local high fashion industry.

This Malay couturier Rizalman Ibrahim’s clientele boasts an elite list which includes members of the royal family, local celebrities and prominent socialites as mentioned in The Star.

Rizalman Ibrahim Tesco hypermarket

Surprisingly, now he is willing to team up a hypermarket to make mass production of his designs.

In other words, now you can buy Rizalman’s designs at Tesco outlets in places like Ampang, Puchong, Kepong, Kajang, Desa Tebrau, Taiping, Mergong, Kota Baru and Nilai.

According to renowned Malaysian designer, selling his wonderful designs in Tesco was a challenge for him and also his way of celebrating his 20 years in the fashion industry.

As he told the press, he did this as a gratitude all for his fans who probably cannot afford his normal price range.

Interestingly, fashion connoisseur Rizalman is more concerned for his fans, rather than his wealthy and glamorous clients.

We are talking about fashion, not pakaian (clothes).

I know it is an EXCLUSIVE range.

It is still Rizalman Ibrahim designs selling in a hypermarket in Kepong!

Well, don’t tell me Dato Bernard Chandran is thinking of  coming out with an exclusive range of party dresses or evening gowns (for this year-end Christmas season) to be sold at Carrefour hypermarket, specially for his fans?

I know some of you are also going to say Malaysian international movie star-cum-director Afdlin Shauki promoting toilet bowl cleaner to Malaysian housewives.