What Have Rubber Chicken And Ostrich Head Pillow Have To Do With Chinese New Year In China?

Come each Chinese New Year coming, the folks in China will be taking long train ride back homes in the remote villages.

As this Year of the Snake is slithering in, millions of Chinese people are now thronging bus and train stations, making the last minute mad rush home for the reunion dinner. Many even have to stand more than three days in the train, just to be back home for the New Lunar Year.

As the train ride back home can be uncomfortable and arduous, China micro blog Weibo has suggested a couple of rather wacky Chinese-designed gadgets to make one more comfortable and safe during their long tiring journey back home.

Stuff like rubber chicken, security alarm to prevent thievesĀ  or pickpocket, plus weird Chinese inventions ostrich head pillow, bathroom bags, and seat sleeper. Watch the video below:

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