Salih Yaacob Kawin Lagi And Poligamy Man With 86 Wives

Recently Malaysians, especially those who follow gosip artis Melayu are talking in front and laughing behind about the latest Malay entertainment news that 50 yer-old Salih Yaacob is going to kawin a 24 year-old Emi UiTM, a perempuan Melayu from Johor. If everything works out fine, then this “Pisang Panas” celebrity has reached his marriage target – 4 wives.

Salih Yaacob kawin lagi

Talking about polygamy, or kawin empat, I read there is this 84 year old Muslim faith healer Mohammed Bello Maasaba from Nigeria, who has 86 wives and 107 children. The youngest wife is 19 year-old and the oldest is 64. Naturally some of his children are older than his wives.

So, how this Nigerian man ended up with so many wives? Well, according to him, initially he had two wives. It was Gabriel who told him to take more wife.

He said that the Almighty also encouraged him to kawin lagi (marry again). In other words, Masaba is blaming God for getting him into this marrying so many women! 

As reported in the latest news, Mohammed Bello Masaba was detained by the Sharia court for taking more than four wives. All his 86 wives protested over his arrest. Masaba’s wives say they are happy because he is a good, honest caring man.

Masaba claims that he has no problem taking care of his large family. He says, “A man with ten wives would collapse and die, but my own power is given by Allah. That is why I have been able to control 86 of them.”. God is great.  []

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