SEA Park Bak Kut Teh At Sun Fatt Kee Kopitiam

It has been more than over 20 years since I last visited this popular SEA Park bak kut teh stall at Sun Fatt Kee kopitiam.

Yes, I’m talking about the corner stall which operated only in the evening till late into the night at Jalan 21/11B, Petaling Jaya. It is exactly opposite Pusat Rekreasi Pelangi which is above SEA Park wet market. This is where people come for their favorite SEA Park assam laksa and prawn mee. Personally, I find the place is rather dirty and smelly. You can smell the putrid stench coming from the wet market nearby, while you eat your bowl of equally “smelly” assam laksa!

Back in the 80s, this Pelangi recreation centre used to be Emporium Group’s Supermarket (now defunct).

sea park bak kut tehAnyway, the bak kut teh served here is nothing great, but palatable. It comes in a clay pot together with toufu, toufu skin, mushrooms and vegetables. Accompanied by a bowl of yau char kwai and a bowl of dark fragrant bak kut teh soup. They offer two kinds of  rice to go along with your bak kut teh. The normal white rice or the “oily” rice. The so-called “oily rice” is actually white rice cooked with lard (pig oil). It smells and tastes good, but remember the lard can clog your arteries!

One thing I like to mention is that the soup here is not overly salty, like the one served at Heng Kee Bak kut teh in Old Town, Petaling Jaya.In fact, when I drank the soup from the claypot,it was not even salty.

This time around, when I got back home, I did not have to gulp glasses of water the whole night through, to quench my uncomfortably parched throat. This happened when I had Bak Kut Teh over at Heng Kee restaurant.

By the way, you should try its delicious  sui choy soup aka chinese cabbage soup . It is well cooked; neither too salty or too oily.

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