Sekinchan Town Mahjong Coffeshop

The small laid back Sekinchan town, about 30 km away from Kuala Selangor is known for its paddy fields, swiftlet nests, seafood and orchards.

sekinchan famous place

But do you know that right in the smack of Sekinchan town, along the row of old wooden shop-houses, there is an old gloomy kopitiam (coffeeshop) called Kang Chuan, which is a popular mahjong joint? To be exact, it is opposite Harbour View Hotel.

You could only find a few people merely there for their cup of  kopi or some other drinks. But if you take a peek inside, you can see about four to five tables full with the local folks of mixed races quietly playing mahjong. Kang Chuan kopitiam is more for Mahjong kakis.

sekinchan town

I also noticed there were folks with bags and luggage standing or sitting on the wooden bench outside this Sekinchan town “mahjong-kopitiam”.  After short while, I realized this kopitiam  is the waiting spot for Sabak Bernam-Kuala Lumpur Express bus.