Simple Three Chord Songs You Can Write

Do you know you can write songs with just three chords? They are popularly known as three chord songs. Well, if you can play the guitar reasonably well, then you too can write some simple three chord songs too.

Some of you may ask, what actually are 3 chord songs? A three-chord song is a song whose music is built around three chords that are played in a certain sequence. In other words, tunes that are sung or played all the way through using only the I, IV, and V chords of the key in which the tune is being performed.

three chord songs
Simple Three Chord Songs

Three chord songs tips
For the benefit of some of you, let me explain what do I mean by the I, IV, and V chord? Let’s look at the scale for the key of A. The scale for the key of C is: I = C, II=D, III= E, IV=F, V=G, VI=A, VII=B and C again as both VIII & I. The three chords are: C: C-F-G. Often a dominant seventh chord is substituted for a regular major V chord. This creates a stronger resolution back to the tonic (I) chord. So the chord G becomes G7. So, the three chords for key of C is: C-F-G7.

Here are few more examples of other keys:

G: G-C-D7
D: D-G-A7
E: E-A-B7
F: F-Bb-C7

There are many 3 chord song books filled easy guitar chords. Get one of these books and study the variations of rhyme schemes of these songs. The rhyme scheme is the pattern by which a certain rhyme is repeated.

To write 3 chord songs, first you got the determine what kind of rhyme scheme you want. You can start off by writing out some rough lyrics. You can study and adapt from those popular 3 chord songs like La Bamba, Happy Birthday, Amazing Grace, Twist And Shout, etc. Come out with your own three to five verses and a chorus.

Remember that three chords mentioned above. For instance if you use the key of C, then your three chords should be C-F-G7. So, fiddle around with this three chords and try to sing or hum. You can begin by trying out the first line of your song while playing one of the three chords (C-F-G7) for the key of your song.

Most of the three chord songs, they start off with the the root chord (for key of C is chord C) first. You just keep playing the chord and sing or hum the next line of your song. If the singing suddenly sounds out of tune, you probably need to change to one of the other chords (either F or G7) for that part. So, just strum your guitar, sing/hum along and try to find chords to fit the melody of your song.

The most common song structure is 2 verses followed by the chorus, then another verse and finished it off with the chorus.

The composition is still very raw and it needs lots of polishing up. Play the song over and over and try to write down the lyrics and tweak them as you go along. Just like writing an article, it needs a lot of rewriting and editing.

Don’t get disappointed. Like everything else, the first time is always the most difficult. Believe me. That’s where the motivation aspect of songwriting is crucial. If you are really passionate about writing songs, try writing some 3 chord songs today.

Quote On Music: “You are the music while the music lasts.” – T.S. Eliot

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