Are They Skin-Tight Jeans Or Just Skin Without Jeans?

Have you watch the ad by American Eagle Outfitters(AEO) featuring youngsters talking and wearing the latest limited edition range of jeans called AEO Skinny Skinny?

I want you to look carefully and closer at this 30-second clip. Are they wearing the really skin-tight jeans or are they are just spray-painted color on their butts?

Now, take a good look at the two images below and then watch the video clip again.

skinny skinny jeans american eagle outfitters limited editionIt mentioned on the YouTube description: “It’s our skinniest fit yet and is so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.”

When I clicked on the link, then I realized the Skinny Skinny jeans are, actually spray-paint cans. They come in two different wash: “indigo” and “bright”.

According to the site, there are only 1,000 limited edition premium package available and it costs $49.95 each. But when I click on “ADD TO BAG” button, a box pops up and says: SORRY! THE AEO SKINNY SKINNY IS TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT”. And they ask for email address to be notified when the jeans is back in stock.

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