Speed Trap At Ayer Keroh Near The World’s Bees Museum And Mini Malaysia

Take note. Those of you who frequently drive to Melaka, beware of speed trap after Ayer Keroh Toll.

Just after the big arch which spans across the road, that says: “Selamat Datang Ke Melaka” (Welcome To Melaka), you better slow down.

The speed limit of this stretch of slightly winding road is 80kph.

speed trap ayer keroh melaka holidaysIt is not “selamat“(safe) to drive fast, as you could get a ticket for speeding.

After the arch as you drive you will come to The World’s Bees Museum, which is on your left.  It is next to Mini Malaysia Melaka.

Just opposite the entrance of The World’s Bees Museum or Mini Malaysia, there could be a traffic police who could waiting for you with a speed gun detector.

Most of you will not notice him, as he is sitting in the road divider at the middle of the road. He is well shaded and hidden by some low trees.

Speed Trap Location Malaysia

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So, next time when you head to the historical Melaka town for a short holiday, it is better to slow down at that stretch of Ayer Keroh main road.

Happy holiday in Melaka.

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