Steve Wyrick Through Jet Turbine Illusion Secret Revealed

Today I am taking the risk of penetrating Steve Wyrick through jet turbine illusion secret and emerge with the reveal to share with you.

This Steve Wyrick walking through the spinning blades of a jet turbine engine is taken from the 1999 “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II” TV show.

This American television specials showcasing stage illusions and escapology acts, which were made for the NBC network.

This is just my assumption how Steve Wyrick walks through the sharp spinning blades illusion is done.

I could be deadly wrong and my reveal could be shred to pieces by folks, particularly those from the magic circle.

Disclaimer: I do not own this Jet Turbine Illusion prop and I do not know exactly how this trick is done.

I know this is huge task trying to find out how American magician Steve Wyrick slips past the massive moving turbine engine.

Steve Wyrick through jet turbine illusion secret

The Effect:

A giant spinning jet turbine engine-like prop.

Using a black spandex to block half of the view of the whirling blades.

Illusionist Steve Wyrick steps behind the prop.

Miraculously, he manages to seemingly pass through the rotating blades and comes out from the slit of the spandex.

I am sure the audience is blown away by this whirring jet engine turbine illusion.

This is the video of Steve Wyrick walking through the revolving blades illusion:

Just like all my other magic secret reveals, I would show supporting visual proofs taken from the video clip.

Actually this Steve Wyrick through jet turbine illusion secret exposé should be is as brief as the magic effect itself.

That whole magic act is just Steve Wyrick apparently passing through the jet engine turbine rotating blades.

It is like many of the other big stage illusion performances; full of smoke and mirrors, so to speak.

They always employ the same usual stuff:

Female assistants prancing and gyrating around, the redundant stage designs, fake props and the ever distracting flashing stage lighting.


Dismantle the metal structures, remove the fake switch & cables, call off the female performers, switch off the additional stage lighting and no stage pyrotechnics.

You have just Steve Wyrick going through the big moving fan and out through the black spandex.

Steve Wyrick Through Jet Turbine Illusion Secret

Let’s direct our attention on Steve Wyrick through jet turbine illusion secret of how he manages to penetrate the spinning blades.

Yes, when he performs the trick, the blades are still right there busy revolving away all right.

The big fan is NOT gimmicked.

There is no mirror trick, like Jim Steinmeyer’s Windshear illusion which I have explained before.

Neither do they project the blurry whirling blades image onto the static fan.

The Way He Exists

From my observation, illusionist Steve Wyrick does not comes out straight through the swirling metal blades.

Watch his body position when he first slips out through the gap of the overlapping black spandex in the picture below:

through blades illusion secret

From this free-frame, you can clearly see Steve Wyrick comes out SIDEWAY.

He pushes his right hand out, grabs the handle for support, simultaneously steeping out with his right leg out, then followed by his left leg onto the box.

Once he is completely out from the spandex slit, he turns his body straight to face the viewers.

To give the impression he walks through directly through the big spinning fan.

Furthermore, there are glaring pyrotechnics explosions to distract your visual perception.

From this angle, when Wyrick steps out, you can see there is no moving blades in the gap of the spandex in the video at 3:33.

Steve Wyrick jet blades illusion

Note: To see it clearly, reduce the YouTube playback speed to 0.25.

The long blades are still in motion, it is just you cannot see them from this side view.

It is because the blades have been shifted inside slightly, away from the circular frame around it.

I will elaborate in more details very soon.

This is where and/or how Wyrick apparently walks through the blades.

What I am saying is Steve Wyrick comes out by the side of rotating blades.

As usual, I would scrutinize the prop design and then the magician’s movements.

Look at the lower side of the prop where he enters and exits through the black spandex (stage left).

Steve Wyrick dangerous trick

There is this triangle-shaped piece painted in yellow and black stripes (with the Danger & High Voltage signage).

It is not a design feature, but to block Steve Wyrick when he comes out by that side of the turbine.

How does he manage to squeeze between the blade edges and the circular frame?

The Nose Cone

Here is the big clue:

It is right in the middle of the action, so to speak.

The nose cone or dome shaped piece on the center of the rotating blades.

Look at the position of the nose cone at the center of the blades at the beginning of the act, before he performs the trick.

You can see that the protruding nose cone is CLOSE to the set of blades (indicated by arrows).

through 747 jet turbine illusion

When Steve Wyrick is doing the penetration illusion, the nose cone is A DISTANT AWAY from the rotating blades (indicated by arrows), as seen from the visual below:

Steve Wyrick jet turbine illusion

Position Of The Blades

In other words, the secret of this illusion is they MOVED IN the spinning blades.

Thus providing a space wide enough for Steve Wyrick to sneak through between the edges of the blades and the circular frame.

We cannot see the space between the blade edges and the circular frame is because the semi-circle black spandex blocks it.

I think a section of the circular frame has a cutout to allow more room for Wyrick’s safety when he sneaks in to make the exit.

steve Wyrick fan illusion

Anyway, most of us are focusing on the big noisy whirring blades.

Misdirection & Assumption

Magicians know how to control what you focus on.

They mislead you to look at certain things, and to overlook others.

You can find great information about misdirection in magic tricks in this book titled “Magic By Misdirection” by Dariel Fitzkee.
Click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

By nature, we all take things or reality for granted.

Assumptions is another one of the cognitive psychological principles which is exploited by magicians.

One good example is, if you handed out a deck of cards for examination, the audience will assume that it is a normal deck.

Related: If you are into card tricks, you can read about assumption (page 435) and other related topics in this Roberto Giobbi’s book.

Roberto Giobbi’s Card College Volume 2
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Secondly, it is because of the phenomenon of visual perception called change blindness.

Many a times, we all fail to see small or even large changes to a scene.

The problem is our brains don’t process everything our eyes see, and we don’t even realize it.

Thirdly, you would not notice the position of the set of blades because of the wide circular frame around the fan.

Steve Wyrick daredevil stunt

And not forgetting, the distraction caused by the sparkling stage pyrotechnics.

Yes, this stage illusion is similar to what the Masked Magician (Val Valentino) has exposed on this video.

By the way, you can also find this same magic trick idea called “Turbo” by Andrew Mayne in his booklet “Solo X“.

Click on this link to get this free book “Solo-X” and other Andrew Mayne illusion books.

At the end of the show, you would notice the nose cone is back to its original position (closed to the blades) just like in the beginning.

Steve Wyrick walks through turbine illusion

By the way, I noticed there is a small black color lever-like device at the circular frame, next to the big hinge from the video at 2:44.

Steve Wyrick rotor illusion

Frankly, I am not too sure what it is used for.

Probably it is an emergency stop switch.

Anyway, this is Steve Wyrick through jet turbine illusion secret I am talking about.

By just shifting the rotating blades slightly inside, so there is a space between the blades and the round frame, where he can slip out unscathed.

And with the help of the black spandex. it appears as if Steve Wyrick penetrates through the sharp spinning blades of the giant turbine.

Incidentally, there is another amazing Canadian magician called Gary Kurtz who also appeared in the same TV show with Steve Wyrick.

In the show, Gary Kurtz played a deadly game of roulette with four jars, three of which contained rabbits, and one of which contained a monocled cobra.

You can watch the seemingly daring act here.

Anyway, here are four free books by Gary Kurtz:

Leading With Your Head by Gary Kurtz
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Misdirection And Direction by Gary Kurtz
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Ultimate Chair Prediction Plus by Gary Kurtz
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Unexplainable Acts By Gary Kurtz
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Disclaimer: I do not own or published all the books mentioned on this blog. I just share links from the third-party websites.