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Strange Things in Malaysia: Do you know that Facebook will end on March 15th, 2012? Have you heard of this weird Malaysia news about a 10 year-old girl who hanged herself in Penang, after her family killed her pet chicken and ate for lunch?

Well, welcome to the world of outrageous news reports of  the infamous Weekly World News.

Anyway, for those of you Malaysians who do not know, Weekly World News, it used to be a popular supermarket tabloid, known for its  outlandish news stories and weird happenings around the world.

strange things in malaysia

Weekly World News has stopped published its print back in 2007, but it still continues as a website. At the time of writing this post, here are some of its recent outlandish news stories and strange things in the world:

– End Of The World: October 21, 2011

– Alien Invasion Will Cure World Economic Woes

– Zsa Zsa Gabor Pregnant

– Vampire Bats Attack

Now, check out some of these weird Malaysia news and strange things in Malaysia, as reported in the past issues of Weekly World News:

– Five men and one woman were arrested, tried and hanged for lighting cigarettes in a no-smoking area! (13 July, 1993)

– Doctors are in dither in Malaysia because officials there have decided to lop off the hands of thieves, and surgeons don’t know whether they should reattach them or not! (7 July, 1992)

– Iron-fisted Ina Jen is a drug-hating lady judge who sent dozens of dope (dadah) dealers to the gallows, and proudly displays the dead men’s teeth on a string around her neck! (16 September, 1997)

– Con men selling orangutans to desperate couples as human babies in Sandakan, Sabah! (12 August, 1997)

strange things in malaysia from weekly world news
image: weekly world news

– Two thieves (Ngui Nyuk Ngee and Chong On Lee) who stole chickens spent 25 years of their lives wearing 40-lb wooden collars locked around their necks by their warloards. They were banished from their village in the Cameron Highlands! (19 January, 1993)

– A pet monkey hurled a four-pound coconut at a farmer (Mat Hussein Sulaiman) and killed him instantly. The monkey was sent to jail on a charge of second-degree murder! ( 21 March, 1995)

– Authorities in Sandakan have discovered the mummified remains of a man (rice farmer John Ngiam) who died 20 years ago, while waiting in a telephone booth for an important call! (7 May 2002)

malaysia weird news from weekly world news
image: weekly world news

– Ghosts of sweethearts (Luen-chow Chan and Ai-ling Li) who died 15 years ago, are married in church ceremony witnessed by 80 teary-eyed guests. 25 year-old Luen-chow Chan died of cancer in Kuala Lumpur. His 12 year-old heart-broken bride-to-be drowned two weeks later when she went out swimming. (21 June, 1988)

– 84 year-old Tengku Muda, a bomoh (witch doctor) from Tumpat, Kelantan, who used a secret portion which made him irresistably attractive to women. He married his 80th young bride. According to this toothless bomoh Tengku Muda, most of his marriages ended in divorces. (19 April, 1988)

– Two Japanese soldiers who have been fighting with Communist guerrillas since 1948, have never left the jungles of Malaysia after the end of World War Two. (27 June, 1989)

– Scientists have captured a bizarre hairy creature deep in the jungles near Endau, Johor, Malaysia. They are certain that the 5-foot 9-inch male creature is the “Missing Link” between man and ape. (8 March 1994)

– Bigfoot sought revenge and killed two Australian scientists near a camp a remote Bintang Mountains in northern Malaysia. It was reported that a local guide Ahmad Singh who witnessed Bigfoot attacked the scientists to free its captured mate. The two dead bodies were flown to Kuala Lumpur for autopsies. (23 July, 1985)

strange malaysia news from weekly world news
image: weekly world news

– About 60 angry chimpanzees escaped from a fenced compound of Penang Botanical Gardens. It as reported that these chimps chased a crowd of people through the park, after a baby ape was stoned to death by a teenager. They went for people wearing yellow-colored shirts because the teenager who killed the baby chimp wore a yellow shirt! (7 September, 1999)

– A 25 year-old sideshow performer known as “Lin-Lin the Monkey Girl” was chased and restrained by superstitious villagers in Kuching, Sarawak. The villagers cut off her trademark two-foot long tail! She lost two pints of blood but survived. (29 August, 2000)

weird malaysia news from weekly world news
image: weekly world news

– Tourist Antoine Strasseau was in a wildlife park in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah when an amorous orangutan leaped from a tree, kissed him on the lips and stripped him naked! (9 September, 1997)

– Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed has offered an unorthodox solution to his country’s growing problem with flashers. He is advising wome to rip off thr sarongs of men who expose themselves, leaving the culprits buck naked! (18 February, 2003)

– Ustaz Zainal Abidin Yusuf runs a course in Selangor, Malaysia; which involves looking at graves, lying in coffins and pretending they’re receiving the last rites for the dead. The aim is to “heighten their religious consciousness and to encourage Muslims to be more committed to their duties and work for the religion”. (4 June, 2002)

– Cannibal witch doctors of Kixil natives who lives along the coastal jungle near Bintulu, Sarawak do liposuction by sucking fat right out of women’s thighs with bamboo straws! (25 July, 1995)

– A festival in Kuala Lumpur sets world record; with a three and half miles of firecrackers! The festival organizers said it cost them $18,330. (2 May, 1989)

– In Kuala Lumpur, police are searching for a serial killer who kidnaps his victims, decapitates them and leave their heads perched on toilet sets in public rest rooms! So far the heads of 13 victims are 11 women and two men. They are found in the public buildings such as restaurants and hotels. (2 January, 2001)

– In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia executioner accidentally hangs himself while testing the noose! This is the third executioners to be killed accidentally in the past two years. (14 September, 1999)

– In Kuala Lumpur, 35 year-old attorney and novice golfer Anthony Phua killed when his friend’s backswing struck him in the head! (30 March, 1999)

– The release of the movie Superman in Kuala Lumpur has resulted the death of 17 children. They tried to fly off bridges, balconies and rooftops like their superhero! (15 January, 1991)

– There is a ghost of a wicked old woman roaming in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, terrorizing men. So far 700 men have died at the hands of this man-hating granny spirit. Terrified guys of Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia have started wearing lipsticks and nail polish to bed; hoping the granny ghost will mistake them for women and leave them alone! (19 June, 1990)

– An angry mob stopped chasing a thug who had robbed a woman on a street in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia because they were too bug-eyed to continue the chase. The robber stripped off all his clothes and dashed away naked as a jaybird! (28 March, 1989)

– Officials in Kuala Lumpur say two baby girls and three puppies were eaten alive by a marauding 250-pound toad! ( 2 may, 2000)

– Police officials in Kuching, Sarawak discovered a caged teenage girl in 29 year-old Joseph Maniawdy’s living room. He was keeping the 19 year-old kidnap victim as a sex slave for two and a half years. (28 December, 1999)

– In Klanka, Malaysia (I don’t know where is Klanka in Malaysia!), officials have brought in dozens of highly-trained eagles and monkeys to chase away the 500,000 crows that are driving residents batty! (28 June, 1994)

These are just some of the strange Malaysia news and so-called weird Malaysia facts as published in Weekly World News. So those of you who fancy reading about all those weird things in Malaysia, outlandish news stories and weird happenings around the world, then check this link.

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