Superman From Philippines Herbert Chaves

Have you heard of Superman from Philippines?

Yes, there is a living Pinoy Superman!

No, I am not talking about the super controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

He is Herbert Chavez from the province of Laguna, southwest of Manila, Philippines.

We have heard of folks who have gone painful and expensive plastic surgeries so they can look like Egyptian Queen Nefertiti (Nileen Namita), Barbie Doll(Sarah Burge) and Elvis Presley (Kjell Elvis).

Now, there is a dressmaker from the Philippines who is big fan of Superman.

Filipino man Herbert Chavez undergone 26 surgeries at a cost of over $7,000, to look like the comic book superhero character Clark Kent, better known as  Superman or The Man of Steel.

Superman From Philippines Herbert Chaves

Superman From Philippines

Since 1998, Chavez has undergone surgery on the nose, lips, chin and hips.

He is also has done liposuction and skin whitening procedures.

Chavez still wants to have lenses implanted to change his eye color permanently to blue, and even a leg lengthening procedure.

He said his ultimate dream is to be a perfect Superman lookalike and to have superpowers and help others.

It was reported that this crazy superman fan said to regularly walks in the streets around his home, all dressed up in his specially tailored Superman outfits.

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