Taiwanese Braised Chicken Rice aka Lu Rou Fan At Little Taiwan Pavilion Food Court

If you love Taiwanese braised pork rice or aka “lu rou fan“, there is a halal version available at the stall called Little Taiwan at Pavilion Food court, Kuala Lumpur.

But here they called this dish as stewed chicken rice.

This afternoon, my partner and I have it for the second time. Instead of pork, it uses braised chicken meat.

It comes in a small bowl filled to the brim; generously topped with braised minced chicken meat, accompanied with half slice of hard-boiled egg and two slices of cucumber.

lu rou fun braised meat rice

The last time when we had it, it was with slices of pickled turnip.

But this time around, they have replaced them with cucumber. Probably because of costing, or maybe Malaysians don’t like pickled turnip.

Personally, I think they should put back the pickled turnip slices. They go well with this popular Taiwanese dish “Lu Rou Fan”.

A bowl of Taiwanese braised chicken rice costs RM4.90.

We also ordered a plate of pan-fried chicken dumpling which comes in four pieces (RM5.90).

taiwanese fried dumplings

Overall, both the braised minced chicken rice and the dumpling taste good.

They are not overly-oily and salty. Check out this Taiwanese favorite food “Lu Rou Fan” over at Little Taiwan at Pavilion food court.

little taiwan pavilion food court kl