Tell Me How To Write A Country Song

Howdy folks, want to know how to write a country song? Well, then jump onto the bandwagon and hit the trail as I share with you some songwriting ideas on writing country songs.

As they say, country music publishers in Nashville merely want hit songs. In other words, they are looking for catchy commercial country songs which tug the heart string of country music fans.

how to write a country song
How To Write A Country Song Tips

You don’t need to cry a tear in your beer to know how to write a country song. But you got to know the sound and the style of a typical country song. Anyway, grab yourself a beer and let me share with you songwriting tips on country song writing.

1. Story Telling
It is true that country singers don’t sing songs, they tell stories. Country songs are actually stories set to music and made to rhyme. That is why many famous country singers do not have
great singing voices or vocal range, but great speaking voices, right?

Every country song has simple storyline, colorful characters, action and dialogue. Many a time, country songs frequently use a first person narrator who sings or rather speaks in a confessional tone. Some very popular themes for country songs are:broken heart, divorce, religion, domestic squabble, dying, the rustic West, drinking, honky tonk bars, etc.

Make your country songs as emotionally-charged as possible to wrench your listeners’ hearts.

2. The Hook
Just other commercial pop tunes, the hook is the crucial aspect of any country song. It is out to grab the the attention and interest of its listeners. Remember to get the hook out early or else your song will be lost in the dusty trail. Employ hooks for both the melody and lyrics. The most common place for the hook is in the chorus.

3. The Chorus
The chorus is the most important part of a commercial song, so get to it as soon as possible. Powerful and memorable chorus has to be of a different melody or meter as compared o the verse. Remember to put the title in your chorus. Some one says that a hit country song usually has five to seven repetitions of the title. as for chords, I’m sure you notice many country hit songs use chord of G, C, D or G, D, A or some combination thereof.

4.Simple Song
Just stick to one storyline and try to be unique. Use simple everyday conversational words to tell your lyrics. Make sure every one understands what your song is all about. If you can,
try to add some humor by twisting on a popular phrase to make your song memorable.

5. Keep Writing
So, how to write a country song? Keep writing and rewriting. if you want to make it in songwriting, you need to to have the passion and persistence. There is no shortcut to fame. Don’t be discouraged with rejections or writer’s block.

The craft of songwriting can be learned, but the drive and dedication to write country songs is all your doing. Keep yourself inspired by reading inspiring stories of songwriters or books like “A Guitar And A Pen” or watch movies like “The Thing Called Love” or Robert Altman’s “Nashville”, “Tender Mercies” or the latest “Crazy Heart” which starred Jeff Bridges.

Happy writing!

Music Quotes: “Country music is three chords and the truth.” – Harlan Howard