The Amazing Al Jabbar Healthcare, Dr Jism Electrostatic Machines

For those Malaysians who read the Malay daily like Berita Harian would definitely have heard of Dr Jism, Family of Dr Al-Jabbar Healthcare.

As mentioned on its site, the company Al Jabbar, started off with its Al Jabbar Liver Tonic and later it came out with a number of herbal products, which were well received by the public as an alternative medicine.

After the success of Liver Tonic, Al Jabbar started marketing Dr.Jism electrostatic therapy machines. It is said Dr Jism therapy equipment is doing very successfully in both Brunei and Jakarta. From there the company added more products and also has come out with a new system which allows opportunities for Malaysian entrepreneurs who want to multiple their income.

dr jism aljabbar healthcare electrostatic machinesThe therapy equipment are: DR JISM, FAMILY DR , DR JISM 10 SERIES and THERAPYSM.

Dr Jism & Family Dr is said to be in the market for more than 10 years. It claims that these machines can improve blood circulation with the help of electrostatic vibration. They can even clean the blood so there is no blockage in the blood vessels.

Among the diseases which can be cured through the use of Dr Jism are hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, gout, stroke, cholesterol, kidney and other chronic diseases. You can use these therapeutic tools as home treatment without medicine, injections or surgery

Dr Jism has five key functions, namely: High Voltage, Negative Voltage, Low Voltage, Negative Ionizer and Light Wave Energy.

All these functions can help to clear the blockage, remove the unhealthy cell membranes, reduce muscle tension. break down body fat (so you can lose weight), reduce or eliminate the problem of numbness and body aches, and etc.

Harga DR JISM or the price of DR JISM and the other therapy equipment ranges from about RM8,00 to RM19,000.

Note: I am NOT promoting Dr Al-Jabbar Healthcare or DR JISM. It isĀ  just that I find the claim of its products to be so amazingly astonishing. They can cure so many illness and diseases. I am wondering why haven’t I heard of Al Jabbar Healthcare products before. And not forgetting the many glowing testimonials from its satisfied customers.

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