The Conjuring Anthology Free Download Available Online

Do you know The Conjuring Anthology free download is readily available online?

This 526-page magic book brimming with ideas, effects, patter, presentations, plots and advice from the world-renowned illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer.

Most of the content of this book are assembled from Steinmeyer’s ‘Conjuring‘ articles published in the MAGIC Magazine between 1992 and 2004.

All the effects are accompanied with ample clearly draw illustrations.

It also includes many old priceless classic effects, which can inspire you to develop your own magical ideas.

The Conjuring Anthology Free Download

I find many of Andrew Mayne’s tricks and illusion ideas are inspired by Jim Steinmeyer’s works.

For instance, the brick-in-the-paper-bag effect, Tear Down trick (torn and restored newspaper), and others.

The stage illusion apparatus are smaller as compared to those found in stage illusion plans collection by Paul Osborne.

If you are up-and-coming stage illusionist or even a devoted hobbyist of magic tricks, you should get hold of this book now.

I find even the Introducing in this book by Jim Steinmeyer is a great lesson and motivation to magicians.

If you are a creative or innovative magician, you can improvise or create your own tricks based on the effects in this book.

In fact, with this very book alone, you can perform a full stage illusion show.

The Conjuring Anthology Free Download

The effects or tricks found in The Conjuring Anthology are:
The Incessant Newspaper, The Efficient Stamp, The Lustig Money Machine, Cigars Sala Bim, The Tassel Of Abundant Enterprise, The Vicarious Cocktail, The Plate Glass Mystery, The Headline Prediction, Marvyn Roy’s Bill In The Light Bulb, The Perforated Brick, etc.

Jim Steinmeyer Conjuring Anthology PDF

I found The Conjuring Anthology free e-book online available for some time now.

If you interested you should quickly download and keep it for your own reference, before it disappears just like a magic trick.

It is NOT from Scribd, where you need to be a member or to uploading a document for exchange, or from some shady websites.

Once you click on the link below, you can view it right away on the site itself, even without having to download it.

No misleading redirect trick and all.

Beware: Then there are misleading websites and fake online forums which claim to offer free books and magazines download, which are not true.

Anyway, personally I find any book written by Jim Steinmeyer is a rich resource for developing new closeup or stage effects.

To get this really free Jim Steinmeyer The Conjuring Anthology PDF, click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4

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