The Day Blogger Deleted My Blog

Today I’m going to talk about Blogspot blog deleted by Google.

Every now and then, we read about bloggers who have been using the free Blogspot blogs for years, to discover one fine day that their blogs have been deleted.

Yes, totally vanished from the cyber space.

The Day Blogger Deleted My Blog

Just go over to Google Help Forum and you can find a barrage of pleadings and complaints by shocked, angry and even abusive bloggers.

Blogspot blogs deleted

Their blogs have suddenly been labeled as spams, rightly or wrongly.

Their blogs got suspended or deleted by Google for violating its TOS (terms of service).

4-Step Protocol Blogger Appeal

Of course you can always submit your so-called spam blog for review. Just follow its famous 4 -step Protocol:

1. Read the articles, cited below. Learn how to do steps #2 and #3, and why we have this problem. Help us to help you, and to help others.
2. Submit a review request.
3. Submit an appeal.
4. Post here, stating that you have executed steps #2 & #3 (and when did you do so?), and providing the BlogSpot URL(s) of the blog(s).

Well, even if your blog is truly not a spam blog or a splog, sometimes Blogger fuzzy spam detection will still detect your innocent blogs as spams.

You still have to do the 4-Step Protocol to get back your blog.

It takes times and effort on your part to submit your blogs for review, and along the way you may lose many of your regular readers and subscribers too.

This is the price you have to pay for free stuff.

If you are blogging just for the fun of it, then you can always set up another Blogspot blog and start all over again.

But for those of you who are thinking of blogging for long term or those who want to make money online, then it is wise to get your own domain name from Go Daddy and have it hosted with any of the established hosting company, like Bluehost.

If your is a splog or spam blog, then this is what Google would tell them: Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we’ve removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible.

This brief shocking mail ended many bloggers’ years of effort filling up their blogs.

So, don’t be the next unfortunate blogger.

Of course if you are smart, you should have backup your blogger blog, each time you publish.

One simple way to backup your blog and have it stored in your hard drive, is by using Blogger’s Export Blog feature.

There are many other ways which you can safely back up all your blog posts before D-Day. Yes, Deleted Day!

The day your Blogspot blog got deleted or got blocked due to TOS violations.

My advice for those of you who are still using the free Blogspot platform, use it at your own risk.

Don’t complaint or curse at people when suddenly one or all of your blogs got deleted.

Be prepared to lose all your time creating that favorite blog of yours.

Don’t be the next blogger deleted for spam.

For about hundred Dollar a year (365 days), you can have your own domain name and hosted it with one of theĀ  web hosting providers.

Then you can blog with your heart’s content, be it for fun or making money online 24/7.