The PM’s Advisors Should Be Sacked | I Love PM Najib Is Disgusting

Tun Daim Zainuddin says the PM Najib's advisors should be sacked

Yes, I agree with this old wise man Tun Daim Zainuddin who commented that those PM Najib‘s advisors should be sacked. He said tha BN should know that the Chinese majority areas were gone. Why waste time and money on these orang Cina (Chinese) Malaysia.

Remember the 1Malaysia welfare group that organized free dinners around Penang and free concert at Han Chiang High School? Plus Psy Oppa Gangnam Style in Penang and not forgetting dinner in Westport, Port Klang, with special guest Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh; all these trying to attract the voterss.  Daim asked why BN allowed stupid events like these.

Well, Daim called these people silly amateurs.  Read more here.

Zainuddin Maidin says I Love PM disgusting

Zainuddin Maidin wrote in his blog Zamkata:

Please tell them to stop showing the banner “I Love PM” It is disgusting. Najib Should present himself as a serious statesman not as a student leader style.