The Rowdiest Site On The Web For Trailblazers

Check out the rowdiest site on the Web known as Info Ruckus.

It was after a thorough study and lengthy deliberation based on our analytic data and feedback, I decided to revamp and expand the content of this blog; to cater to our readily-available wider audience worldwide.

Anyway, I still maintain up-to-date content specially for my large loyal followings from both Malaysia and Singapore.

the rowdiest site on the webThe Rowdiest Site On The Web

Now this blog has renamed to “Info Ruckus“.

Its tagline is “The Rowdiest Site On The Web“.

It is a site filled with a melange of offbeat stories together with useful tips, advice and hacks. Plus where to find free stuff online.

The content you find in “Info Ruckus” is stringently selected. Only the most fascinating and useful stuff made it to this site.

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*Note : This blog is still registered under the owner: KHER CHENG GUAN. But currently it is managed by Kelly Pamela.

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