Is Buying And Reading The Star Newspaper Means Supporting MCA?

As reported in The Star, Dr Chandra Muzaffar commented that the significant swing in Chinese votes towards Pakatan Rakyat has several implications as the country moves forward in the aftermath of an extremely tense 13th general election.

He added that he believed that there would be a strong backlash from the Malay community as well.

Reason is because many Malays believed that PM Najib aka Ah Jib Gor had “bent over backwards” to win Chinese hearts in the past five years.

Dr Chandra felt the strong Chinese swing was not so much about racial polarization but was based on issues.

malaysian general election 2013 cartoonWell, if buying and reading The Star newspaper means one is supporting MCA or Malaysian Chinese Association, then I think MCA must have lots of loyal Chinese supporters.

As it is Malaysia’s best selling English daily paper, read mostly by the Malaysian Chinese. Right or not?