[email protected] Hacked Malaysia Google April 14, 2015

A while ago (10 a.m. 14 April, 2015), I think Malaysia Google has been hacked by [email protected]

When I wanted to open another Firefox tab, I came across Firefox “Untrusted Connection” warning.

The site URL is:  https://www.google.com.my. I knew something was amiss.

[email protected] Bangladeshi Hacker

Then the next thing when I clicked on it, the page started to spin and then a black screen with the message “Google Malaysia HackeD By [email protected] , # Bangladeshi HackeR and a red color stamped word HACKED.

In fact this has happened before back in 2013. It displayed the message:

Hello Malaysia, you think you are more advanced than us? Respect our workers, we will respect you!”

Various websites for Google Malaysia, Yahoo Malaysia, YouTube Malaysia, and MSN Malaysia were attacked on that day too.

This was what happened to me when I was online: