Toast Box Nasi Lemak Bungkus And Coffee, Anyone?

My favorite local fare from Republic Food Pavillion Kuala Lumpur is Toast Box nasi lemak bungkus. I am sure many of you who are living around the Klang Valley or even from other parts of Malaysia who have visited Kuala Lumpur, must have patronized Toast Box kopitiam at the shopping mall of Pavillion, Mid Valley, One Utama or Sunway Pyramid.

"toast box kopitiam"
Toast Box In One Utama Shopping Complex

For those of you who do not know that this modern kopitiam Toast Box is from Singapore. This home-grown coffee and toast cafe concept started off as a food stall unit of Food Republic Wisma Atria at Singapore in 2005. It is from the BreadTalk Group.

Today Toast Box Singapore, has over 30 outlets in Singapore itself. This modern good-old-time kopitiam concept stall has expanded to China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia.

Personally I love to lepak (chill out) at Toast Box Pavillion Kuala Lumpur for its freshly-grilled and brewed aromatic kopi-O (black coffee). I find Toast Box coffee is smooth and fragrance not like some of the other Hainanese black coffee from the traditional kopitiam in Malaysia. It is either too concentrated or thick as we called it and even oily too (from having too much margarine during the grilling process) or simply bland. Just black water with sugar.

Other than its roti bakar (toasted bread), Toast Box nasi lemak bungkus (in packet form) is another favorite of mine and many of its other customers too.

"toast box nasi lemak"
Toast Box Nasi Lemak Best!

The rice is fragrance enough (not too much coconut milk or santan) and the accompanying sambal belachan is neither too sweet nor spicy.Toast Box nasi lemak is a hot favorite among its Chinese patrons.

For those of you who are thinking or in the midst of opening a cafe, a warung (foodstall) , or even planning a function, or a company outing trip and love to have the original Toast Box’s tasty packet nasi lemak or nasi lemak bungkus as one of the refreshment, you can always write to us at kertoon@yahoo. [nasi lemak image:]

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