Where To Buy Toms Shoes In Malaysia

All this time, many Malaysians have been wondering where they can buy Toms Shoes in Malaysia.

For those Malaysians who are fashion-savvy, they have been get pairs of Toms Shoes from Tangs, High Street, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya and Isetan outlets in KLCC, The Gardens and Robinsons at the Gardens Mall.

Then came July 15, 2014, Toms Shoes opened its first standalone store on Level 5, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Unfortunately, today, all the Toms Shoes outlets in Malaysia have permanently closed down.

What Happened To Toms Shoes?

The ethical shoe brand started by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 has collapsed.

The company was taken over by its creditors in December 2019, and founder Mycoskie ceased to be an owner.

For the uninitiated, Toms Shoes is a for-profit company founded by Blake Mycoskie.

The concept of Toms Shoes is, for every pair of shoes sold, a new pair would be donated to a child in need of shoes.

In 2002, Mycoskie had this interesting idea when he visited Argentina.

At that time, he and his sister were competing in the second season of the American TV adventure reality game show, “The Amazing Race“.

Toms Shoes in Malaysia

Then Blake sold off his online driver education company to start Toms Shoes company.

Personally Blake Mycoskie loves wearing alpargata shoes made of canvas or cotton worn by Argentine farmers for hundreds of years.

Alpargata shoes were the inspiration for the classic style of TOMS Shoes.

They come in various styles, including a Wrap Boot, Stitchouts, Cordones, and Botas.

Besides, shoes, Toms has expanded into other retail categories, that included eyewear, coffee, apparel and handbags.

Start Something That Matters Free PDF

In 2011, the Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie wrote the book “Start Something That Matters” which became the #1 New York Times best-selling business book.

You can read it for free over here.

Mycoskie wrote about the virtues of social entrepreneurship and the unique concept of businesses using their profits and company assets to make charitable donations or engage in other charitable efforts.

So, since where all Toms Shoes outlets in Malaysia have shut down, where can one find or buy Toms Shoes in Malaysia?

Well, you can still purchase them online.

Buy Toms Shoes In Malaysia

At the time of writing this blog post back in the year 2011, I came across a shop selling ‘so-called Toms Shoes‘ in Kuala Lumpur.

The ‘so-called Tom Shoes’ are actually NOT the original Toms footwears.

Yes, they are definitely not the real McCoy.

There is a shop in Central Market aka Pasar Seni in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which sells similar Tom shoes.

The shop is called K & J Collection (DG 13) at the ground floor.

It is facing directly the second book store called Kedai Buku (Book Centre).

toms shoes kuala lumpur

They come in variety of styles and colors to choose from.

At that time (2011), it only costs RM49 per pair.

As you know the price of the original TOMS Shoes in Malaysia, ranges from hundred plus Ringgit to two hundred over Ringgit.

Last year 2019, I went to check it out and the shop is still selling the similar Toms shoes.

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