Traditional Chinese Bakery Products By Fung Wong Biscuits Jalan Hang Lekiu, KL

For those of you who crave for tradition Chinese bakery products, then check out Fung Wong Biscuits. It is located at No. 28, Jalan Hang Lekir, Kuala Lumpur. To be exact, it next door to Kiew Brother Dried Meat shop aka Wo Lai Yeh Bak Kwa. In the vicinity of KL Chinatown and Jalan Sultan.

fung wong chinese traditional biscuits

Fung Wong Biscuits Sdn Bhd offers a wide array of mouth-watering biscuits, pies, tarts, rolls and puffs. Goodies like long fong biscuits, lor kong & lo por peng, Shanghai siew pau, egg tarts, almond cookies, egg sponge cakes and many more.  And it also produces special biscuits for occasions like Mid-Autumn Festival (Lantern Festival), Ta-Shou (celebrating elderly folks’ birthdays), Full Moon (when a baby turns one month old) and its famous Fung Wong wedding biscuits.

Another thing which I love Fung Wong Biscuits is its packaging designs. It still retains the traditional designs to give the products an authentic look  from yesteryear.  The so-called Chinese packaging; simple translucent tracing  paper  with just  red color print motifs.

I find these days most, if not all the packaging designs for Chinese pastry products are  overly-done.  They are strongly influenced by the Japanese and Taiwanese packaging concepts. And all the unnecessary design details (odd shapes, tassels, die-cut, etc) add into the cost.

old chinese brown paper bag[image]

Instead of those expensive glossy paper bags, they should use back those days of rough brown paper bags with twisted red & white strings as handles, together with red color printing.  The vintage looking packaging designs add the old Oriental flavor to the moon cakes or other Chinese bakery products.

fung wong biscuits

Each  time when I go down to KL Chinatown or Jalan Petaling, I sure drop by Fung Wong Biscuits to get a couple of delectable cookies and puffs. Then I pop over to Tang City Food Court (which is next door) and enjoy these Chinese traditional bakery products with a cup of piping hot kopi-O or local black  coffee.

tang city food court kuala lumpur