Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast | Fried Food And Soy Bean Milk

 During my recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan, I noticed most of the local Chinese folks over there do not eat noodles for breakfast, like Malaysian Chinese.

Their typical traditional Taiwanese breakfast food consists mainly soy bean milk and fried stuff.

One odd thing is, most eateries don’t serve coffee and tea for breakfast. Unless, you pop over to McDonald or those western-style cafes.

From my personal observation, here I have gathered  a list of  traditional Taiwanese breakfast:

1. Soy bean milk – either hot or cold and sweet and salty(dou jiang, pronounced as tol chian)

 taiwanese breakfast soy bean milk
2. Pan-fried buns filled with meat and vegetables (swee chian pau)

traditional taiwanese breakfast food
3. Steamed soup dumplings filled prawns. (tharn pau)

4. Egg crepe/pancake mixed with scrambled egg. (dan bing, pronounced as tarn ping)

taiwanese dan bing breakfast food
5. Foot-long Chinese crullers. Yu tiao (in Mandarin),  or what we Malaysians called them yao char kwai (Cantonese) or yu char kwei (Hokkien).

taiwanese yutiao chinese crullers
6.Flat bread wrapped around Chinese cruller (shao bing yu tiao)

shao bing yutiao taiwanese breakfast

7. Flat flaky bread, serve plain or with stuffing (shao bing, pronounced as sao ping)

8. Pan-fried Daikon (Japanese radish) radish cake or turnip cake (lao bo gao, pronounced as lor por kao)

taiwanese radish cake lao bo gao

9. Congee or porridge together with either duck eggs,peanuts, pickles, dried daikon (Japanese radish), vegetables or shredded pork floss.

10. Plain steamed buns (mantou)

11. Steamed buns stuffed with meat or vegetables (baozi, pronounced as pao chea)

12. Rice tube pudding (tongzai migao, pronounced thong chai mi kaw)

13. Western-style sandwiches.

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