Streamyx Connection Breaking Or Slow Down Problem Fixed

Have you experienced  your Streamyx connection breaking or slowing down?

Two weeks ago, out of the blue my Streamyx Internet connection went haywire.

The connection kept breaking every down continually. I had difficulty accessing the Internet.

And when I managed to access the browser, Firefox, I had problem downloading any site.

When I checked with my wireless D-Link modem, I noticed there was no light on the Internet indicator.

The DSL light was stable. The wireless network connection showed “Limited Access“.

I kept seeing the small yellow triangle an exclamation mark symbol at the taskbar.

streamyx connection breakingMy phone line was still working fine, but I could hear intermittent static or crackling sound on the phone receiver.

The next thing I did was I sought information from websites.

I goggled search terms like “Streamyx connection problem, Streamyx slow connection”, and other similar phrases.

There a few helpful articles on how to fix Streamyx slow connection.

One thing I noticed was, the latest complaints about Streamyx connection problems by Internet users were from the year 2013.

Lately there seems to be no more write-up about Streamyx connection woes.

Except for the recent fault on the Asia America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable system, which happened around the same time (around September 18, 2014) when I experienced my Internet connection problem.

Probably most of the Internet users have abandoned Streamyx to Unifi.

Initially I thought it was this submarine cable trouble that affected my Streamyx connection.

But then I found that my internet connection problem persisted. Then I realized something was wrong with my line.

I called up TMnet by pressing number 100 to seek help.

The staff reset my port over at the Telekom and my internet connection worked fine for awhile and the same problem resurfaced.

As advised by the technical staff, I changed a new underground cable linking from my wall socket to the box outside my apartment.

I even changed a new wall socket as well. It seemed to work fine after fixing the new cable.

Alas, I was wrong. The same irritating technical trouble came to haunt me again the following day.

To make the story short, all in all, I made six reports. Then only last Sunday, the problem was finally fixed.

How to Fix Streamyx Connection Breaking Down Problem

Here is a guide which I would like to share with those Streamyx users who are experiencing connection problems.

1. If your phone is having static or crackling sound, quick call up TMnet at number 100 to check your phone line.

This is the first sign you are going to have Streamyx connection problem.

2. Check your Internet speed. This is how you do it.

Step i: Click “Start” button.

Step ii: Type cmd into the search box, then press “Enter” button.

Step iii: Now type ping -t into the black box. Press “Enter” button.

Step iv: Check and see the time=???ms reading.

If all the time readings are more than 1000ms, it mean your internet speed is slow.

3. The next thing you do is to check your SNR Margin (dB).

Step 1: Open your Internet browser (Firefox, IE or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

Step 2: Type or or or onto the address bar which is at the top of the page (depending on your modem type) .

Then press “Enter” button.

Step 3: Enter your password (if you did not change the password when you set up your modem , then just type in “admin” as password.)

Step 4: Now you should see your wireless modem information.

Step 5: Click on the STATUS tab.

Step 6: Then click on “Statistics” which is on the left side of the page.

Step 7: Scroll down until you come to section called ADSL.

Step 8: Look for this “SNR Margin (dB):”.

how to solve streamyx connection problemIf you see that the reading of  SNR Margin (Downstream) is below 12dB or 120dB (depending on your modem type), it means there is something wrong with your cable connection.

SNR stands for  Signal to Noise Ratio. Basically the higher numbers represents cleaner signals, with less noise.

In other words, less interference, so you have no Internet connection problem.

The other thing to look for in the ASDL report is Attenuation.

This is the measurement of how much the signal has degraded (reduced) between the DSLAM and the modem.

For this, the reading should be the lesser the better.

According to my technician, he told me that for this Attenuation issue, there is not much we can do about it.

Mainly it has to do with Telekom cables. If they are old cables in your area, then the signal will be reduced somehow.

It could be the concealed telephone cable linking from the box outside your place to your wall socket is old or corroded due to oxidation (image below).

Or the connection ports in the box outside your place has problem. It could be damaged or corroded.

streamyx connection problem 2014As for my case, I was told by my the technician that the cable from the wall socket to the box outside my apartment had problem.

But as I had mentioned above after replacing with a new cable, the connection trouble was still not fixed.

Then what the technician did was he changed my phone wires to another unused/spared ports (black plastic block with screws) in the box.

That solved the problem.

Presently I am still satisfied with Streamyx service.

With only Rm 66 per month, I could still enjoy lots of free movies and documentaries via and the latest Hong Kong TVB drama series online.

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