Triad, Tycoon And Google Autocomplete Suggestion

What has triad, tycoon and Google autocomplete suggestion have in common?

Try typing the Chinese name “albert yeung sau shing” (without the quotes) into your Google search box now.

Automatically, Google autocomplete suggestions will show you something like this:

Triad, Tycoon And Google Autocomplete SuggestionAs you can see the name of a Hong Kong billionaire tycoon called Albert Yeung Sau Shing of chairman and founder of Emperor group is associated with the word “triad” or organized crime in Google autocomplete suggestion.

As the result of this technical “glitch’, this Chinese wealthy Hong Kong businessman is very upset.

He has sued Google damages for libel.

He wants the Google suggestions to be removed immediately. He tried to get Google to delete the suggested terms but failed.

According to Google lawyer, Gerard McCoy, it is impossible for Google to manually to interfere the intricate search processes.

Furthermore, Alert Yeung says that his reputation has been “gravely injured” and wants compensation.

Here is the Hong Kong court paper.

Hong Kong Triad, Tycoon And Google Autocomplete Suggestion

Albert Yeung’s business empire includes an entertainment company that produces films and manages some of the top celebrities.

Triad, Tycoon And Google Autocomplete SuggestionAs reported in AP, Albert Yeung’s judge disagreed with Google’s lawyers, who argued Yeung was better off asking the websites where the defamatory information was published to remove it.

By the way, here is a Hong Kong movie titled “Triad