Malaysia Odd News: Used Sanitary Pads To Hypnotize Victims

Check out this Malaysia odd news. There is a woman in Melaka, who carries smelly used sanitary pads or napkins inĀ  her bag, as a black magic paraphernalia to swindle unsuspecting housewives into giving away their jewellery.

According to the weird news reports, it was the pungent stench of the used sanitary pads which hypnotized the victims into giving away their valuables “willingly”.

So far, there have been five police reports lodged against this black magic woman for allegedly deceiving women into handing over about RM250,000 worth of ornaments.

nasi kangkang malaysia
Movie: Perempuan, Isteri Dan Jalang

Nasi Kangkang Malaysia
By the way, I have readĀ  that in the folk magic of every culture, there are spells that make use of human bodily stuff like saliva, semen, tears, menstrual blood, urine, feces, head hair, pubic hair, and nail clippings. Most Malaysians have heard of the notorious nasi kangkang. It is used by women to feed their husbands, so their men would never stray and be at their beck & call. Nasi Kangkang was featured in U-wei’s 1993 Malay movie “Perempuan, Isteri Dan Jalang”.